Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KFC Commercial

When my twin brother, Johann, was here a month ago, he mentioned one of his friends, Robby (whom we met up briefly since he was also here), was going to be in another commercial after a long absence in commercial modelling.

So now I saw the KFC commercial on youtube and I think it's hilarious. Robby is the guy who says "sino kaya?" (means "who could it be?").

For those non-filipinos, basically the commercial is about a group of yuppies who jokingly imply that one of them is presumably hiding a dark secret (they don't directly impy it but "dark secret" meaning one of them is gay), then the one guy gets an "aha" moment and opens the kfc box. The other guy shrieks like a girl in amazement to find out that KFC now has shrimp in their lineup. In the end, they all tease him saying "dude, we accept you" but the "shrieking guy" just says "no, i was just shocked about the shrimp..."

Some people are just making a big brouhaha out of a non-issue, stating that the commercial is homophobic or stereotyping the gay community. C'mon lighten up. It was meant to be light and funny. Enough of the political correctness.

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