Friday, July 16, 2010

To Mac or not to Mac?

Sorry for such a shallow post haha :) Please forgive me. I'm just really boggled on what brand of laptop to buy.

You see, I've only had the chance to purchase my very own laptop in 2007, a few months after I arrived in Singapore. But it was a short yet sweet relationship with my (Compaq)laptop because I sold it to my twin brother at a very cheap price, as payment for my debts to him hahaha.

So eversince, I haven't really had my own personal laptop. Though I've been lucky as my current and past 2 jobs issued me laptops which I could take home, but I still couldn't freely make use of them. Like for instance, it's funny that the songs on my iPhone are synced from my brother's laptop. So I have to put up with these songs until I see my brother which is only like twice or thrice a year hahaha.

So now that I'm moving to a new job why not finally get my own personal laptop. Especially that Im actively updating my blog again and I also put up an online ebook store. But the MAJOR LIFE-THREATENING question is should I get a Macbook or not?? Haha.

I do have my reservations with a Macbook (my second job issued me a Macbook back then) as I'm so used to windows-based PCs. BUT you can't deny the fact that the damn thing looks pretty. And let's be honest, a lot of people buy it because it looks cool and it makes their fart smell better hahaha. BUUUTTT (again) in fairness to Mac, it's more crash-resistant and less prone to virus, if not totally virus-free.

How about a Sony Vaio? I think in terms of looks, they're Apple's closest competitor considering the widescreen monitors and stylish casing. Then again, watching and recording videos on a Macbook is really immaculate...

So how???? Help!!! :P


Felipe said...

get a Mac. Booting up is faster. It's user friendly. Virus free. Blogging, posting pics is a snap. AND organizing files, photos and videos is easy. :) :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks for the advise! Mac it is! :)

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