Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Wow I just realized it's been a year since my last real post. I've been busy with just work and life in general (and with the advent of Facebook) that I totally neglected this blog. I also noticed Blogger has so many new features/functions It's like learning how to blog all over again (arghh).

The other day I was looking through my posts and felt a bit of nostalgia with all the memories, photos and rant/raves that I've managed to pile up in this blog of mine. AND all the food I've eaten!!!

You're probably wondering why the sudden comeback. Well, I quit my job - which explains the free time to blog. But really, I also realized I've put so much effort in this blog that it would be such a shame to not go back to blogging. About the job, I don't really want to dwell too much on the topic but let's just say I feel it's time to move on. My company has really given me the experience I need to beef up my resume so let's just keep it at that.

Annnyyywaaayyyy, Let me just run through the things, events, and milestones that have transpired during my absence (If you'd like to see pictures from the destinations below, add me in Facebook and let me know you read my blog hehe. Search for "Christian Abellaneda"):

July 2009 - Aileen & Bill's Wedding in Tagaytay, Philippines
- such a memorable and fabulous wedding with the fireworks and all! Also a family reunion of sorts since our relatives from all over the world flew over (including us from Singapore! haha)

Aug 2009 - Moving in to our new place
- Since Aileen and Bill got married, we had to move in to a new place so they can commence their married life with me!! hahaha

Sept 2009 - Trip to Boracay, Philippines
- Needed a break (As always haha) so went to Boracay with Yo & Mike

early-Oct 2009 - Birthday with Mom and Yo
- Since I wasn't able to go home for Xmas back in 2009, my ever sweet Mom and twin brother visited for my/our birthday

end-Oct 2009 - Trip to Bangkok
- short 3 day trip to Bangkok for a weekend getaway

Dec 2009 - Christmas Holidays with Yo
- Aileen, Bill and I weren't able to go home for Christmas so I asked, or shall I say forced, my twin bro to fly to Singapore to celebrate the holidays with us :)

Feb 2010 - Trip to Cebu, Philippines
- Spent the Chinese New Year holidays in my Dad's hometown Cebu in the Philippines. It's been a while since we travelled as a family

April 2010 - UNFORGETTABLE Trip to Turkey
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE TURKEY!!! Oh did I say I love Turkey?!

early-May 2010 - Trip to Vietnam
- First time to travel with Aileen and Bill overseas

mid-May 2010 - Visit by my BFFs
- My BFFs Cathy, Krizia, Karen and Ivy came over to visit

end-May - I quit my Job!!!

June 2010 - Visit by cousins / Trip to Bintan, Indonesia
- The Salamat cousins came over to visit so off we went to Bintan, amongst other things

I never realized so many things happened this past year and I'm very grateful to God for all the wonderful blessings and all the time spent with loved ones. I do hope I finally get this blog up and running again on a regular basis. And I do hope to find a job soon! Work sucks but beggars cant be choosers!! I need the damn money to keep up with my life haha.



carlo said...

welcome back! hehe!

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks carlo! :)

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