Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since I've a lot of free time on my hands lately I decided to check and housekeep my hotmail email account and I was so shocked to see emails from some blog readers from more than a year ago!!! I really feel bad now that I wasn't able to reply to their inquires regarding some blog posts/reviews :( So I do hope they still receive my looonngggg overdue email responses.

The thing is I rarely (or almost never) check my hotmail email account as I mostly use my yahoo email accounts. But it does melt my heart to know that people are reading my rambling on this blog :)

I was actually also very surprised to learn that almost 40,000 people have visited my blog since I started in June 2008 but I do sometimes wonder if people read my entries or at least look at the pictures hehe. So to the readers out there, please do feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or even hate mail! haha. Yes, I do have some of those as I had this very ugly dispute with a "famous" food blogger in Manila.

Anywayyyyy, thank you for reading!!! I hope to hear from you guys!!! I'm planning to run this online contest soon with REAL prizes!!! :)

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