Thursday, July 8, 2010

I got a NEW JOB!!! :)

Hallelujah!! Praise GOD!!!
I got a new job!!!

Just as my company was pushing me away, I get a call from one of the companies I was really looking forward to hear from. God is really good. You see, my prick of a boss talked to me today asking if I'm ok with cutting short my notice period by 1 week. I said I would rather stay still the 30th because I have a pending meeting with a client which involves testing of our software application.

He said, "Well, are you okay with attending the meeting on the 27th even if your last day is on the 23rd?"

I said "I don't think so".

WTF?!?! Is he nuts? Why the hell will I attend a meeting WITH NO PAY after my last day of work? Effing stupid.

So thank god I got this call. I was actually sort of panicking already as I don't want to be jobless especially that I'm not yet a permanent resident here - which means if my work permit gets cancelled, I only have 30 days to get a new work permit or else I'll need to go home.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord! Modesty aside, I actually had 2 previous offers and 1 pending company (where I've had 3 interviews already) and this is the job that I was really eyeing for.

So tomorrow I sign the contract. Now I'm hoping there's no issues with processing my new work permit.

Hoping for the best :) YEY!

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