Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jewel Cafe and Bar, Rangoon Road

We usually plan where to eat on what's available on Entertainer app in the area we are in. We recently discovered Jewel Cafe on Rangoon Road and I must say this is now my favorite hole-in-the-wall cafe in Singapore.

I like the interior as it is industrial but still appealing. They have couches on the 2nd floor so if you wish to hang out, that would be the best spot.

The food was VERY good. The fact that we got one main course for free made it even better. Very good quality food for a cafe.

The truffle fries are the best that Alfian and I have tasted anywhere. Even better than PS Cafe I must say. They don't have the grated parmesan cheese on top like how other restos do it but it is already very good without it.

We are definitely coming back!

Jewel Cafe and Bar
129 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218407
Tel # +65 6298 9216

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