Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Boracay, Philippines (February 2015)

Right before I started my new job in March, I decided to go on a 5-day trip to Boracay with my Mom. Luckily, SilkAir now flies direct to Kalibo from Singapore which makes it really convenient.

We stayed at Escondido in Station 1. It was right beside Hampstead Boutique hotel where we previously stayed at, behind the Balabag church. It's a very short walk to the beach on Station 1. Hotels were a bit expensive that time as it was summer season so Escondido was the best I could find with my budget.

I was very very disappointed that the green algea seemed to be getting worse. I remember going to Boracay around the same time a few years ago and I don't remember the algae being this bad. I won't be surprised if it's because of the pollution and overcrowding on the island. Next time, best to go the 2nd half of the year when supposedly the algae naturally goes away.

The sunset was beautiful though and the water is still as clear as how I remember it. You just have to swim past the algae on the shore. Ugh.

My Mom and Angie

Angie is actually the daughter of her house help. My mom sends her to school and is sort of like her adopted daughter who helps her out in the house and accompanies her on trips. My mom has always taught us to be generous and giving to those who have lesser than you. We used to struggle financially ourselves so we know how it feels to have less in life. I am not saying we are rich now but you get my point hehe.

I had Starbucks one afternoon and the sight above was a bit touching. The young gentleman was spending time with her Grandmother and bought her food and drinks. I have a soft spot for the elderly as my Dad, who already passed away, was 33 years older than my Mom.

I tried this in Singapore way back in 2007 so I was happy to see they have it in Boracay. I'm not sure though if it's from the same company. No, I didn't try it haha.

Al and Ron (friends from Dubai) also happened to be in Boracay along with Al's nieces. They were very gracious to treat us to a seafood feast at Dampa. I've eatean at Dampa before and honestly I think it's too touristy as it is actually expensive. Thus, I wonder how much this feast costs haha. Thanks Al & Ron!

Jonah's shakes is sort of a staple in Boracay. I think everyone, if not most of the tourists, will have Jonah's at least once during their vacation.

It was my first time to try San Miguel flavored beer and I really like it! I rarely get to drink here in Singapore so this was a good way to ease me into alcohol haha.


You have to try the pizza at Red Coconut. Very good actually and the serving was pretty big.

The suman (ricecakes) at the Kalibo airport is also very famous. Super cheap and super yummy. Make sure to get some before departing for your flight. They are just right outside the airport on the street.

I'm always excited about airplane food haha. One day, I shall have a birthday bash serving food that looks like airplane food, just like Chuvaness' recent birthday haha.

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