Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fitness Blog # 9

I'm so damn proud to say I've managed to lose 3kg since that fateful day at Universal Studios Singapore. Slowly but surely I am trying to lose the weight. It truly was an awakening to me, but the experience was a bit traumatic at the same time. I was planning to go to this theme park in Spain called "PortAventura" but decided to scrap it from our itinerary. I just want to move on and learn from the experience, and forget about the crass and outright rude comments (some even racist) that most a lot of readers gave. I actually stopped reading the comments and monitoring where else the article came out. Last time I checked it also came out in Stomp and AsiaOne.

On the other hand, I truly found out who my friends were. Some friends whom I haven't heard from in a long time sent some encouraging words. Some random and anonymous people even went out of their way to send me a message either through hotmail or searched me through facebook. 

Anyway, that's that. Life goes on for me. For now, I'm hoping to keep up with the weight loss. I'm actually pressured because my twin brother has lost 7.7kg and my cousin has lost 9kg. They started their own "biggest loser" contest just before the USS incident. I have to keep up with them! 

Now, I'm trying to avoid food high in carbs or fat. That's why my favorite food now is "Yong Tau Foo". 

It's a local dish where you can choose the ingredients to your soup. You can have it with noodles, just plain soup, "laksa" (spicy coconut curry soup) or even "dry" (noodles only). I usually have it either with plain soup or "mee sua" (very thin variety of chinese noodles) or "bee hoon" (rice vermicelli) and I try to avoid the starchy or fried ingredients. So far, my all-time favorite yong tau foo stall is the one at Ion mall. They have excellent choices with many types of dumplings, not just the usual fried food and fish/squid balls.

I also found out about this website that delivers south beach diet meals called "Magic Meal Mobile". The major major problem is the damn food is so damn expensive, like $40 a day for a set of 5 meals. I miggghhhtt try them for at least a week if my budget permits hehe. 

Anyway, wish me luck!!! (I know, it takes more than just luck! Wish me "hardwork"! hehehe)

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