Friday, April 8, 2011

Yeah, I'm Cheap Like That...

I can be so cheap in some (or most?) ways that it's just pathetic...

Would you believe that this soiled shoebag is what I carry to work? hahaha I know, I'm cheap like that! You can even see the blood stains from my hand when this idiot biker ran into me at the bus stop the other day (as posted on my FB page). Anyway, Aileen saw me carrying this and felt terribly sorry for me hahaha who wouldn't right? She actually gave me this shoebag several years ago and I liked it so much I've used it in more ways than one obviously.

I usually carry this "Crumpler Beer Back Laptop Backpack" (which is a gift by the way hehe) as I sometimes carry my gym stuff to work, but when I don't go to gym that's when I bring my trusty shoe bag. The thing is I like the shoebag because it's easy to stuff into my laptop bag when I go for client visits and head straight home right after. If I had another bag then I would be bringing home 2 bags right?? haha excuses...

Seriously though, I'm now thinking of getting an alternate bag which can also fit my work laptop so I don't feel so sorry for myself hehe.

So what do you think of my choices below?

A. Banana Republic

 B. Burberry

 C. Dr. Koffer

D. Marc Jacobs

I'd like something which I can bring to work and use for day-to-day casual wear at the same time.  Something dark brown with a vintage or "tired" look and "uniquely unusual" pockets, hinges, stitching or hardware.

My cousin will be in the US in a few weeks time and she'll be in close proximity to some outlet stores so I sent her the pics above so she has an idea of the type I prefer.

OOORRRRR, I can get one myself when I go to Spain next month :-) Yaaahhhooooooo!!! Can hardly wait! :-)

Good thing I checked the dates on the Schengen Visa as the consulate incorrectly stated the validity period, wasted 1 page of my passport :-P

To bag or not to bag? That is the major major question...


Johann A. said...

I prefer penshoppe or human brand!

Johann A. said...

I prefer levi's or penshoppe brand! You're choices suck!!!

Johann A. said...

Just kidding. Marc Jacob's!!!

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