Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update (8Mar): Compromised Safety at the Universal Studios Singapore Galactica Rollercoaster

The New Paper article has finally come out (the reporter has yet to send me the softcopy which I will append to this article upon receipt see end of this post for the article), and surprisingly there is also a yahoo article on SG Yahoo. You can click here, or see the full article below at the end of this post.

I knew it would spur mixed reactions from people, but in fairness to The New Paper the article was very fairly written. Based on the comments I read in the Yahoo article, I'm so glad to know that the intelligent public understood my plight and my reason for sharing this story. It really melted my heart to see those people who empathize with my situation, especially those people who argued with the other people who put such arrogant comments. It is very expected that some people will immediately pick on my weight and say "why the hell don't you lose weight in the first place?" and "why did you allow yourself to get so fat anyway?", but that is besides the point. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These people have no idea what it's like to be fat and looked down on.

Admittedly, this is a wake-up call for me to lose weight (which I did tell the reporter and I was hoping he would include that in the article). I know for a fact that I am fat. I am not so delusional to think otherwise. I look in the mirror every single day for crying out loud. But the fact remains that there were lapses in enforcement of rules and policies by USS. As I've said, If I knew I would be too fat for the ride then I wouldn't have fallen in line and subjected myself to humiliation would I? Especially given the fact that I was able to ride the 1st time.

It's interesting to know that they had to mention that out of 2 million visitors this was the 1st complaint. Well too bad for them then. They aren't so perfect after all. If it takes one fat man to complain so that no other fat man would be humiliated, AND no other passenger's safety would be put at risk, AND so that they can enforce more stringent rules in filtering passengers who can fit on their rides, AND so they can teach their employees better customer service, then let it be me.

After all that's been said and done, it's good to know that they have updated their website with all the clauses on weight restrictions and they are reviewing their procedures to avoid further similar occurrences. This is ultimately what I have wanted to happen anyway. I hope to put this issue behind me and move forward. Life goes on.

You can read on the background of this entire story through the links below:


carlo said...

Shan, I saw you on the front cover of the New Paper kaya napabili ako. I'm glad napansin yung pinaglalaban mo. :) Naaawa sayo yung mga kasama ko dito sa bahay hindi nila alam magkakilala tayo. Hehe.

Shan Abellaneda said...

thanks carlo! oo nga sana may mga nakaintindi kahit na karamihan eh kinukutya lang ako hehe. yaan na natin sila.

carlo said...

may mga ganon talaga mga medyo makikitid. hehe. hayaan mo na.

thomas said...

scram the fug back to your country. and bring along all of your people dancing at the steps of ion orchard with you. whether you are fat or not you are not welcome here.

Shan Abellaneda said...

thomas: that's such an intelligent comment. so smart. did u ever think who will wipe ur lazy ass if the filipino maids were sent back home?

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