Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fitness Blog #10


I can't believe it!!! YEEEEYYYYY!!!! My low carb, low fat diet is working!!! Honestly, I haven't gone to the gym since my diet but ironically that's when I lost weight. Just proves to show that what you eat is really a major major factor. Though I know I should start going back to the gym for even more weight loss and toning.

Marigold puddings have been my bestfriend lately. I specifically LOVE LOVE LOVE their chocolate pudding. I just hate it that they don't show the caloric content however it does say "low fat" - which I think it really is as it tastes a bit watery but enough to satisfy your craving. Instead of eating real chocolate or ice cream, I just go for this.

I'm so excited to lose 10kg in the future!!! :-)

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