Friday, March 4, 2011

Update (4Mar): Compromised Safety at the Universal Studios Singapore Galactica Rollercoaster

Just a quick update as I am doing this from the office:
I finally had the interview with the reporter last Wednesday, 2 March. Just this evening, my friend was also interviewed over the phone by the reporter. I heard the article is coming out tomorrow. I'm quite apprehensive as I know it will get mixed reactions from people but I'm sure the intelligent public will know the purpose of me sharing my story.

A very important update that I found out just now - The Universal Studios Singapore website has actually already stated weight restrictions for the Galactica rollercoaster rides (see pic below)

I DID NOT see that prior to my complaint. As I mentioned before, I previously visited the website to check if they had weight restrictions and there weren't any. It seems like they recently added this in. It is very obvious they recently just added these in. Look at the pic below and notice how all of a sudden the weight restrictions are everywhere!

Good to know though that they did something about it no matter how sneaky. At least I served my purpose. The reporter apparently contacted USS (I assume it's their due diligence to verify my story), and he said USS mentioned they are contacting me privately to resolve the issue. Hmm, I wonder if ONE EMAIL is considered resolving the issue. I just wish the management had shared with me that this was part of their resolution and not make it seem like it was actually there forever (as they may have heard that the New Paper article is coming out). I still haven't heard (again) from the Asst. Director up to this point.

You can read on the background of this entire story through the links below: 

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