Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project Chocolate: Leonida's

I actually now look forward to my weekends because I know I'll be tasting a new brand of chocolate hehehe. So I randomly chose Leonida's as the second contestant for my project chocolate. This stall is actually right beside Patchi in Takashimaya. I've heard of Leonida's before but it never really crossed my mind to taste it.

Again, I put my trust on the sales girl (who was very perky and friendly by the way) to choose the bestsellers for me. They were more expensive than Patchi, S$19.60 (around Php 646) for 100 grams - comes up to 6 tiny pieces.

So are you ready for my verdict???

Takes like CRAP!!! The chocolate was too sweet and the filling was even sweeter. They all tasted the same despite the supposedly different fillings of the chocolates. Seriously, I would take Cadbury over this piece of shit any day. Plus, I hated the packaging. She just dumped all the chocs in a small paper bag which of course made them stick to each other and the bag since they weren't individually wrapped. 

With that said, here is my dreary rating for Leonida's:
Taste - 0.5/5 (they should be happy I didn't give them a big 0)
Packaging - 2/5
Value for Money - 1/5
OVERALL - 1.17/5

By the way, you might be wondering, I don't finish all the chocs. I just take a bite of each piece for judging purposes hehe.

Where to buy: Xotiq Chocolatier - Shaw Tower
Michel Cluizel - France
Valrhona - France
Amedei - Italy

Where to buy: Takashimaya
Godiva - Belgium
Leonidas - Belgium (22/01/11) - 1.17/5
Neuhaus - Belgium
Royce - Japan

Where to buy: Palais Renaissance
Teuscher -  Switzerland

Where to buy: Mandarin Gallery
Beschle Chocolatier - Switzerland

1 comment:

P B said...

So was the bad result because of the choice from the perky sales girl or the different assortment of chocolates in Singapore?
If Neuhaus and Godiva also give a bad result, then something is wrong with being representative for those chocolate brands as such. Good luck.

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