Sunday, January 16, 2011

Extreme Dining - Dinner in the Sky!

W-O-W!!! This truly brings dining to a whole new level! (literally and figuratively that is haha)

Actually, I first learned about this on TV through Discovery channel. Imagine dining at 160-180 feet above the air! According to their website, dining in the sky is available in 25 countries. I checked out the Las Vegas outlet website and found out you could dine in the sky for a mere US$289 (around S$372) - inclusive of a 25 minute dinner "flight". Extreme dining that is extremely expensive as well.

Now you must be wondering how do you go to the restroom when nature calls? Well, according to the FAQs in their website, the table could go down in less than a minute. Though you probably wouldn't want to do that and spoil everybody else's mood!

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