Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweet Escape

In a few hours, less than 7 hours to be exact, i'll be boarding an Air Asia flight to Denpasar in Indonesia for a much-needed 4-day holiday in Bali.

Can you believe Air Asia had a S$50net promo for a roundtrip ticket to Bali?! I couldn't believe it as well so when I saw this sale a few months ago I didn't think twice about booking it. C'mon, its 50 freaken dollars hehe. Actually, ours came up to S$75 each because we booked exit seats and return luggage. But still, its way too cheap.

Call it destiny because that same week-period that Air Asia went on sale, Accor Hotels also went on a 3-day ridiculous sale. We were able to book a room in Novotel Nusa Dua for S$65 a night. Now are we lucky or what? :)

Plus, I'm really looking forward to Balinese Babi Guling (Roast Pork). Anthony Bourdain said in his blog that it's the second best roast pork he has ever tasted in the whole world (next to #1's Cebu Lechon in the Philippines), no kidding! Sorry Zach hehe I just want to taste.

See you in 4 days :-)

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