Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pola Pola Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

On our 3rd night, we had dinner at this Italian Resto that we chanced upon while walking around the area near our hotel. It's not that we were tired of thai food, we just wanted to sample how Italian cuisine is in Bangkok.

Margarita to kickstart your appetite =)

Long Island Iced Tea

(Free!) Freshly baked rolls for Appetizer with creamed garlic butter

Scrumptuous!!! Seafood Squid-Ink Fettucine with Cream Sauce. Look at the abundance of scallops and seafood!

4-Cheese Pizza

Lobster & Shrimp Fettucine.
Dinner was around THB 1,331 (around S$60). Not bad considering we had cocktails, pizza and pasta.

We so enjoyed our dinner the previous night that we decided to go back for lunch the next day, our last day.

Pola Pola's Special Salmon Pizza
A bit salty and lacking in tomato sauce but still quite nice.

Squid-Ink Angel Hair Pasta with Mushrooms in cream sauce.
Lunch was around THB600+ (around S$30).

So that caps off our 4-day Bangkok getaway. We were a bit anxious to get home as by that time the riots were really getting crazy. In fact, singapore residents who were in Thailand were already encouraged by the government to enlist their names online just in case anything happens.

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