Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

3 days after we got back from Bali, we were headed to Bangkok. It wasn't a good time actually. The previous night I saw in the news that the rallies were escalating. The problem is we already paid for our tickets & hotel months before and unfortunately we didn't get promo rates. So riot or no riot, we had to be in Bangkok by hook or by crook haha.

Zach was actually on vacation leave for a month that's why we jampacked our travels in April. I also needed a break from work anyway. Bangkok is pretty much like any cosmopolitan metropolis. Very modern but the touch of culture and heritage spells the difference. The food was absolutely the highlight of this trip (haha whats new). Seriously, authentic thai food is the bomb!

It was a big bummer that on our 3rd day in Bkk, everyone in Siam Paragon was asked to go home since the rallyists were invading the area. So we pretty much weren't able to go around anymore for fear of our safety. It was ironic though how the rallyists were causing chaos while the others were celebrating the Songkran "Water" Festival.

Enjoy the pics! Click on the link to Kodak Gallery below and make sure to scroll over the headings to view the titles/comments.

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