Sunday, November 16, 2008

Supersize Me

Ok, you win.
I am weak. I am human.
I have succumbed to your calling.
Congratulations, McDonalds!!!

Call me a hypocrite. I know I have dissed McDonalds for coming up with their crazy line-up of supersized burgers. But look what we got here. A Mega Mac.

But to set the record straight, I only had one bite - because I actually had a double cheeseburger instead (and some fries and some nuggets, Haha). Who am I kidding. A burger is a burger is a burger.

Zach was actually the one who finished the Mega Mac (while I was drooling with envy hahaha). But you know what, it's not really as big as I thought it would be. In fact, I can definitely easily eat one if I wanted to.

By the way, I never thought curry sauce would go well with chicken nuggets. What a revelation. Only in Singapore! (or in India as well?).

I'm sure you are all thinking what the hell am I doing eating all these junk fast food when I'm trying to lose weight. Well, it goes to show I am weak. And that's the reason why I am forever trying to fight the bulge. But I am very happy to say that now, I am able to run for 8 minutes straight on the treadmill (a feat I could not do before). I have been back at the gym at least 2-3 times a week and spending at least an hour on cardio (either spinning class or the treadmill) and 40 mins on weights. So there. Scold me.

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