Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lady in Blue

Here I go again being "kaypoh" on other people (singapore slang for being nosey or a busybody).

Introducing, Lady in Blue.

Fashion Faux Pas 101 - Wear stockings/pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

I know I am no authority when it comes to fashion, especially ladies' fashion. But when my eyes saw these glaring blue stockings by Lady in Blue, I knew something was wrong. First and foremost, they were sooo damn bright you cold see her stockings even if you were wearing shades. But in fairness to her I did see a model on FTV wearing very similar shocking blue stockings. But that's FTV. This is the MRT.

Second, she was wearing open-toe shoes. It's like wearing socks with birkenstock sandals (Ok, I admit I was one of the clueless who did this when birk's were such a craze in high school days haha)

Well, at least her stockings match her equally glaring very-blue scarf. Let's give her credit for that (no pun intended), hehe.

Guess who I saw next after I got down the train?!

It's Lady in Red!!! What a coincidence. It's so funny how I had to run to catch a pic of her hehe. Maybe they were going to meet up for dinner to catch up on the latest trends...

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