Thursday, November 6, 2008

Asia's Top 20 Restaurants by The Miele Guide

The Miele Guide, the first authoritative and independent restaurant guide to Asia’s finest restaurants.

The Miele Guide was created in 2008 in order to better recognise and celebrate Asia’s best chefs and restaurants. This annual publication will evaluate restaurants across the region, publishing an annual ranking of Asia’s Top 20 Restaurants, as well as profile the other best restaurants in across the region. The 2008/2009 edition, our first, profiles the 320 best restaurants, as determined by the region’s top restaurant critics; a jury of food professionals and known foodies; our in-house team; and most importantly the public.

Click here for Asia's Top 20 list.
It took 84 of the most respected food critics, votes from over 15,000 diners across 40 countries, and a special jury of 1500 journalists and foodies, to come up with the final list.

Eight Hong Kong restaurants and four in Singapore made it to the list of Asia’s Top 20 Restaurants. The ones from Singapore include Iggy's, Les Amis, Gunther’s and Garibaldi, which are placed first, third, fourth and seventh spot, respectively.

To come up with the guide that lists 200 of the best, restaurants in 16 countries were evaluated.

Hmmm, I just find it a little dubious that the makers of this guide originate from Singapore. Is that the reason why 4 restaurants, including the top restaurant, are found here in Singapore? Well, I hope not :-)

I should definitely try Iggy's one of these days, and see for myself why they are ranked # 1.

Mabuhay Philippines! I'm very proud to know that at least 1 restaurant from the Philippines made it. I've been to Antonio's before and I must say they really deserve that spot. I remember when Aileen was still doing her chocolate fondue biz, I was her waiter for a client's wedding that was held there. The owner/chef himself, Antonio, was so gracious to have given us a free taste of the courses served in the wedding. When we looked at the price in the menu, the more we felt grateful, haha. Their prices are unconventionally expensive compared to the regular resto food in Manila but it was well-worth every penny, or was it because we ate for free? :-P

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