Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fitness Blog #19 - Cohen Diet: Day 15

Got busy yesterday that I wasn't able to post this. Last night, I had to cook my meals until Monday since tonight I will be busy packing as tomorrow is my flight to Bali. Anyway, this post is for yesterday's weigh-in. And well well well, I am so crazily ecstatic to announce I have already lost 5.6kg/12.32lbs (8.1kg/17.82lbs since my heaviest) and 4 inches off my belly!!! Wednesday is my weigh-day since it was the day I started Cohen on March 12.

If I lose an average of 10kg a month, I would lose 60kg in 6 months (duration of the Cohen Program), which I think is too optimistic and crazy haha. I don't want to lose 60kg! That would be too thin for my height of  176cm/5'9". I'm sure my weight loss would slow down the next few weeks/months. Which is why I am slowly introducing some exercise, to firm up my skin/body while losing weight. Most fat obese people who lose weight worry about the loose and sagging skin. Ugh.


Anyway, you might be wondering what I've been eating. My favorite meal so far is Chicken Adobong Tagalog. It's a filipino dish which consists of only garlic, salt, pepper and vinegar. It's so easy to make and so delicious! I made Alf taste it the other day and he wants more of it next time haha. Honestly, since Cohen requires a lot of preparation and cooking, I feel it would be difficult for someone to go on Cohen if he/she doesn't know how to cook, unless you are rich and have a maid who can do the grocery/weighing/cooking for you. It takes a lot of preparation that most of my time after work is spent on it. Luckily, I enjoy cooking. In fact, I take pleasure in going to the grocery and choosing food for my meals.

I enjoy cooking so much that I've learned to cook for friends without eating it. Not even tasting it while cooking it haha. My flatmates are my taste testers when I cook for guests haha. Paella is one of my all time favorite dishes, which my cousin Aileen has taught me how to make. I miss it so much. I've blogged about it before, click here.

I am very proud to say I have not cheated in terms of eating food that is NOT part of my eating plan. But yes I've cheated (oops). When I'm awfully hungry, I eat more than 2 crackers at times (uh oh) and there was one single time I ate a 4th meal (Sorry Dr. Cohen!). I noticed I get hungrier when I stay up too late or lack sleep. So now I understand why you need 6-8 hours of sleep when on Cohen.

Lastly, I noticed I haven't posted a before photo yet. I rummaged through my phone and Facebook photos and above were recent pics (December and February). God I'm huge, but it is what it is. Besides, since it's a throwback Thursday, I declare that these photos will soon be my throwback photos!! :-)

I'm slightly excited for Bali tomorrow until Sunday. Slightly I say as Alf nor my flatmates won't be able to join. My colleagues will be there but honestly I prefer to travel with friends on trips. Saturday my colleague planned a whole day tour (I am so looking forward to Ubud!) then Sunday is just a rest and relax day for me at the resort's beach. Too bad I won't be able to enjoy all the lovely Indonesian food, especially Babi Guling, but I can do that 6 months later. :-)


Maria said...

Hi! Well done for starting the diet. The first month is the most difficult but it is the one when you loose the most weight. Just focus on your end goal, as they say in the centre, that food will be there after you finish. I lost 21.3 kg in 8 months, and feeling fab! You will make it too! Keep going, you are not alone! And take it one day at the time! Good luck!


Shan Abellaneda said...

Thank you so much Maria! Appreciate the encouragement! Congratulations on your journey! I will be posting later today my weigh in yesterday :-) Keep reading!

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