Friday, March 14, 2014

Fitness Blog #16 - Cohen Diet: Day 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, I. AM. HUNGRY. Hehehe.

I was ecstatic that Dr. Cohen (or probably one of his employees) approved my blood tests to proceed with the Cohen Program. I finally got my eating plan last Tuesday night and I went straight to the grocery after the consultation to shop for cohen-friendly food.

Took this photo at Cohen Centre for easy reference when at the grocery

The most difficult part for me is the food preparation. You have to weigh your food raw, which means you eat lesser since food when cooked weighs lighter. Since I prefer to cook one big batch for the entire week ahead, it makes my life even harder. I have to weigh one portion raw, cook it, weigh it again, and then that's the only time I can cook the big batch. The thing is I have to know the weight of one portion after it's cooked so that I can partition the rest of the food for the week. If I don't lose weight with all this effort, I will just accept being fat hehehe. Effort kung effort 'tong Cohen!

Great that they have Filipino recipes

I am now on Day 3 and boy am I hungry haha. The consultant did say that the first 3 days are the hardest so hopefully this gets better. I haven't had any cravings so far but it's really the hunger. I have been drinking water more than ever to cope with the hunger. In the program, you are required to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

Unfortunately, since I respect intellectual property and since we were advised not to share our eating plan, you will not see my actual eating plan in this blog. Though I'm not really sure how different other people's eating plans are because based on the blogs and forums I read, it seems like we all are NOT allowed to eat the same things - no rice, pasta, bread, fried food, junk food, alcohol, sweets, etc. I guess it just varies how much weight you can eat per food group. Could it be a marketing gimmick for them to say that sharing your eating plan can be harmful to others? Or do they just want you to pay for your own plan?

Anyyywaayyy, just to give you an idea on what I've been eating, here it is:

Breakfast: Yogurt + 1 apple
Snack1: 2 crackers
Lunch: Chicken + Vegetables + 2 crackers
Snack2: 2 crackers
Dinner: Chicken + Vegetables + 2 crackers
Snack3: 2 crackers
Snack4: 2 crackers

It seems like a lot of crackers but note that those crackers are small - less than 4 grams each as each 26-gram pack has 7 crackers. Not that I am skeptical about the Cohen program, but if you look at what I eat, anyone regardless of your blood profile will lose weight. You can only eat meals at least 5 hours apart, and crackers at least 2.5 hours apart. I'm so glad to say I haven't cheated yet and hopefully never will. I have stuck to what I can only eat. [Confession: the only time I cheated was last night when I was so hungry I only waited 2 hours before eating the next set of crackers. Oh well.]

I am so excited! I weighed the other day I was shocked with how rapid the weight loss is. I won't reveal it just yet as I know your body fluctuates so I will only officially announce my weight loss every week. I am also supposed to have at least 4 blood tests throughout the 6 months program. Again, I don't know how the blood test is relevant to your eating plan but what the heck, maybe I should ask that during the next consultation.

Wish me luck! and willpower! :-)

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