Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Blog #15 - Cohen Diet

The Fitness portion of this blog has been neglected if not forgotten. So here I am again trying for the nth time. I woke up one morning two weeks ago and said, I'm sick and tired of being fat obese. So I had 2 options in mind - the drastic lapband surgery or Dr' Cohen's "diet".

I scheduled both appointments on the same day so that I could quickly decide. First stop was Cohen's Lifestyle Centre at Novena Square. Luckily, I live in Balestier so it was a short walk away.

They will require that you attend the infosession first before signing up. The clinic is actually owned by a Filipina who also has the same clinic in the Philippines. I've heard about the Cohen diet for some time now but never really considered it. I felt it was just like any other fad diet.

To summarize, the Cohen diet is basically an eating plan based on your blood profile. They measured my weight, height and shoe size (I was kinda surprised about the need to measure my feet) to determine your ideal weight. Upon signing up, you will have to go for a blood test. The results will be sent to Dr. Cohen (supposedly) then he will determine if you are suitable for the diet and what is your eating plan. I heard some people are ineligible if the blood profile shows abnormality in your liver (or something like that).

Honestly, I'm not really convinced as to the benefits of a "tailored" eating plan according to your blood profile but who the hell cares hahaha. As long as I lose weight, then I don't care even if they profile my saliva hehe. I didn't sign up right away as I was honest to say that I had another consultation for lapband surgery. The Cohen program costs S$1,700+ (they had an extended Chinese New Year Promo that time) for a 6-month program including the initial and regular blood tests.

That same day, I went to Raffles Hospital for a consultation with Dr. Baladas. Now, with weight loss surgery, you basically have 3 options. Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Lapband Surgery. In short, gastric is re-routing your stomach, sleeve is cutting away most of your stomach and Lapband is making your stomach smaller through a band. I preferred Lapband because it is not irreversible unlike the first 2 options. Second, it's the cheapest procedure of the 3. However, "cheap" is not really cheap. After the consultation, I was quoted S$20K+, and that was after 10% discount. 

Honestly, I was that desperate that I almost got myself to wipe out my savings and spend that much. But after giving it much thought, I figured I will just go for Cohen's. The purpose of either Cohen or Lapband is to stop yourself from eating excessively anyway. Cohen just requires more willpower and self-control. So that same day, I went back to Cohen's Centre and signed up.

On the way home, I passed by the Church for divine intervention hahaha. Seriously, I need all the help I can get to sustain this diet. In fact, it's a change in lifestyle. I once lost over 50lbs but slowly gained it back since I moved here to Singapore in 2007. So now I have to be more determined than ever.

No shell taco salad is one of my favorite meals so far. But don't get me wrong, I haven't started the eating plan yet. I only got my blood test last Monday and hopefully will receive the Cohen eating program by next week. I just took it upon myself to stop eating rice, bread, noodles, pasta and junkfood for 2 weeks now, to prepare myself for the program.

Cohen's Lifestyle Centre has a partnership with Quest Lab at Paragon in Orchard. If you sign up, that is where you will go for your blood tests.

I am so excited! I have read so many forums and blogs about people who have successfully lost weight on this program. Honestly, losing weight is a mind game. Your only enemy is yourself. That has been my lifetime battle. MYSELF.

I hope this "diet" gives me the push I need to finally lose weight. I don't wish to be thin (just to be realistic), even chubby is fine but the most important thing is my health. Plus, I have a trip to Dubai this April to see friends so I really have to lose weight haha. Looking better and feeling more confident won't hurt as well.

Wish me luck!! You will hear more from me once I receive my eating plan.

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