Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fitness Blog #20 - Cohen Diet: Day 22

Week 3 weigh-in: Total weight loss of 6.5kg/14.3lbs (9kg/19.8 lbs since my heaviest)!!!! Yeeeeyyyy!!!
(Delayed post again. This post is for yesterday's weigh in)

The past week has been the most challenging because of the fact that I was in Bali from Friday to Sunday (our company gave us a free and easy incentive trip so that was a nice treat). Now is CONFESSION time. I figured since I made my Cohen diet public, I believe that I owe it to my readers (yes all 8 of you) to be honest. Full disclosure. So here goes...I cheated. :-(

I did pack all of my meals for that weekend and I was determined to stay on track. However, I gave in to temptation. First was the meal onboard KLM. If you have read my blog previously, I LOVE airplane food. So I couldn't resist not eating my food. Plus , food onboard is one of the major things that differentiate flying on a regular airline compared to budget. So the devil in me said "You HAVE to eat that!". So I did. Sorry. Oops. Hehe. However, I did NOT eat the bread, rice and dessert. Plus, the portions are so tiny I'm sure Dr. Cohen can forgive me (hehehe). Just kidding, I am not trying to justify my cheating but that's what it is.

Second (yes I cheated more than once), was in the hotel room. There is something about room service that I so very love. I guess due to the fact that food is nicely served to you in the comforts of your room, apart from the very fact that Indonesian food is awesome. I just had to HAVE the Nasi Goreng. I'm sorry. I know. I am weak. But to be honest, that meal was so worth it. It was so damn good. Sorry haha.

THIRD (oh my god,  please don't kill me!), was during our day tour. I did bring along my meals but part of the tour was to take you to eating places and I felt a little bit embarrassed and inappropriate to whip out my lunch box (apart from the fact that the dining place may charge me for corkage). However, I eyeballed what I could eat, especially the quantity.

The rest of the trip I ate my packed food in my room. I even avoided the buffet breakfast that came along with our hotel booking plus the dinner (with show) on Saturday night. Which is why most of my colleagues did not see me during the 3-day trip as I avoided food as much as I can haha sorry!

So what did I learn? I learned that if you are faced with challenges in terms of eating, choose and eat the right food and quantity based on your eating plan. If you stumble and fail, it is OK. Get back up and go right back into your eating plan. As they say, one (or two) meals will not make you fat. The same way that one (or two) meals will not make you thin. I learned that I am human, I make mistakes and I am still learning to adopt a new lifestyle in terms of eating. For crying out loud, eating has been my greatest joy ALL my life which is why I have been overweight/obese most of my life. So I guess it takes time to change. Water is very important plus sleep. I noticed I am hungrier if I don't drink the 2-3 liters required plus at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

Nevertheless, it was a shock that I still managed to lose 1kg. I guess the cheat meals took a toll but because I am mostly following my eating plan I still lost weight. Now back in Singapore I am back on the eating plan. Next weekend will be another challenge as I will be in Dubai for a 9-day holiday. Oh dear. God help me.

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Petite Momma said...

It's okay to cheat every once in a while, Shan. :D So proud of your accomplishment. I need to push myself too. LOL! Cheers!

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