Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Can't get enough of Bangkok!

I was in Bangkok for yet another weekend holiday in November 2013. I arrived on a late Thursday night and left Sunday. The last time I was in Bangkok was more than 4 years ago, when the airport railway link wasn't open yet. So I was very excited to get to try it.

You can take the Express Line which goes non-stop to Phaya Thai or the normal City Line which has 7 stops. The frequency of the express line is much lesser thus I took the city line - which I think doesn't really differ much in terms of travel time compared to the express one.

Tap the plastic coin at the airport's control station upon departure then drop it in the control station as you exit Phaya Thai.

There is an overhead bridge that connects the airport railway link to the BTS line. So very convenient. Note that this was late at night and I didn't get lost nor feel scared at any point. Bangkok is really awesome for making public transportation easy and convenient.

Get a rabbit card if you plan to use the BTS trains frequently. Minimum amount to load the card is 100 baht. There's a 50 baht charge and 50 baht deposit. I never take the taxi when I'm in Bangkok as most, if not all the attractions, are accessible via the BTS line.

Alf met me at Phloen Chit where our hotel was located but we went straight to Thong Lo for the night food market. He highly recommended this place having eaten here before.

Here is where you will find one of the best Pad Thai's I have ever tasted!! Cheap and yummy! Look for the stall in above photo.

Yummy Pad Thai!

Basil Chicken Rice

Some art installation upon entering your hotel room
After dinner, back to the hotel. As I mentioned in my TripAdvisor review, Ten Face Bangkok is such a beautiful boutique hotel but the location was really a let down. We walked from the Phloen Chit BTS station and it sure was a walk especially since I had my heavy backpack. There is however a 24/7 tuktuk provided by the hotel which you can ride to and fro the BTS station. Problem is this meant a lot of waiting. Waiting for the tuktuk to arrive or waiting for the next trip since the tuktuk could only accomodate several people at one go.

"Welcome cookies"

The hotel room was HUGE. It felt like an apartment. In fact they could have fitted a small kitchen. I loved how it was so spacious. It really was value for money given the amount we paid (I can't remember anymore, I think it was less than 100 SGD a night).

The hotel gave a free one-day BTS pass plus a local sim card. Very nice perks. The local sim was very useful to call the tuktuk to fetch you at the BTS station.

The 4-poster bed was not bad. We found out later that those posts were actually stiff linen. Haha very creative.

You can choose your pillow which I didn't really bother haha, but this was a nice plus for a "cheap" hotel.

The bathroom was SO spacious. Notice how there were 2 shower heads. One in the bathtub and another beside it. A bit strange but good for 2 people to shower at the same time if you're rushing haha.

Nice art at the reception

Next day, we had lunch at TreeCreeper. I am so sorry I forgot where this is haha. Alfian ate here before and highly-recommended their Italian food.

I am quite sure it used to be a house that was converted into a restaurant. The interior design was quirky yet homey at the same time.

The pasta noodles were "homemade". Not bad. Although, the pasta was supposed to be angel hair so I would have wanted it much thinner.

Really good cauliflower soup.

Alf had the steak.

We shared the pizza, which was VERY good. Thin and crispy.

I think this was ice cream cake, I forgot haha. That's the problem when you blog too far away from the actual trip haha.

Went to Siam Paragon to walk around after lunch. I love the malls in Bangkok. Ginormous just like the big malls in the Philippines.

The streets of Bangkok are awesome. You can really get good finds. I bought a "man bag" right off one of the streets for roughly S$20.

It was my first time at Terminal 21 (kindly google which BTS station it is nearest to as I forgot hahaha). Each floor had a different theme - such as Turkey, Japan, San Francisco USA, etc.

I finally got to see Cherry Blossoms haha

More pictures of Ten Face Bangkok Hotel the next day. Too bad we didn't get to try the pool.

This is the hotel tuktuk. You have to inform reception before riding the tuktuk (which is why it was still a bit of a hassle, on top of waiting for the tuktuk to get filled OR waiting for the next one if it was already full). You can walk to the BTS station, around 15-mins walk.

Chatuchak or Jatujak Market was fun! I remember coming here for the first time many years ago and I didn't like it. But for some reason this time around was different. So many cheap finds you can literally spend a day here and shop til you drop haha.

I was in love with this store! I went crazy! I wanted to hoard all the gift wrapping and bags. They were so cheap! Alf and I made sure to buy a lot for Christmas. In fact, up to now, we still have some leftover. We already booked a flight to Bangkok for August this year (thanks to Scoot Airlines!) and I'm planning to buy a lot and sell them at the weekend bazaars here in Singapore. I saw one bookstore here selling the gift bags for 3 times the price in Bangkok.

Authentic looking Paella with the authentic looking Chef hehehe. Too bad we didn't get to try this as we just had lunch when we saw this.

Bangkok is one of, if not Alf's favorite holiday destination so he knows a lot of places. He recommended "Food Loft" for the good food. It's a little bit pricey for Bangkok standards but I tell you they have the best banana fritters! See photo below. Drool. Drool some more.


I saw this Japanese style "robocop" toilet at Terminal 21 haha. It had the works including heated seating. So impressed! To think Terminal 21 is a shopping mall and not even a hotel. This bathroom was for anyone to use. Unlike the nice bathrooms in Ayala Mall or ShangriLa Mall in the Philippines (or even in some places in Europe actually) where you have to pay. 

Time to go home! Sob! We took the BTS and airport railway link once again. I got that hard case luggage from Chatuchak Market. Such a bargain!! It looks and weighs just like Samsonite for a fraction of the price.

We were lucky we got upgraded to the economy "super seats" onboard Scoot, which explains the very spacious legroom. Normally, my knees would almost be touching the seat in front.

The CEO for Scoot happened to be on board and they made him sell duty free goods. Either he didn't like it or he just looked tired hehe.

Bangkok we shall be back in 6 months! :-)

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