Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Color Run Singapore

Well hello there. My blogging is like a yo-yo diet. On and Off. Haha. Anyway, here's a post I saved way back. Let's do this!

The Color Run Singapore, held last 17 & 18 August, was my first ever "marathon". And yes I put the quotation marks there because it's more like a fun run. And fun it was indeed! Thanks to Ruiza who helped us secure tickets through her work as tickets sold out quickly online.

I've seen a few friends post about the color run on Facebook which made me really excited about it. Plus, I was more than happy that their shirts came in XXL haha!

The route was challenging to be honest as it was done in Sentosa, which had a lot of uphill roads. Most of the people were just walking the whole 5km but I tried to run jog a bit to break a sweat.

Now this post has a lot of selfies so please bear with me hahaha. Nothing much to say really, apart from the fact that is indeed the happiest 5k on the planet! I never thought getting dirty and lying down on the pavement would be fun! Haha.


Now perhaps I could get ready for a real marathon soon! Hope to see you next year color run!

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