Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frankfurt, Germany

This is another draft post I saved in April. Finally, this wraps up our Germany trip - 9 months later! Haha. I have so much backlog ugh! I'll be in Manila this weekend then Phuket the following week so my posts are just piling up! haha.

Anyway, Frankfurt was our last stop for this trip. Johann and my parents' flight were in the morning while mine was at night and my Aunt and Uncle's were the following day. Thus, we managed to squeeze in a day trip in Frankfurt.

We dropped by my Aunty Beni and Uncle Don's hotel and had brunch before heading off to Frankfurt.

Luckily, their hotel had a free shuttle going back to the Airport where we took the train going to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt's airport can seriously rival Singapore's Changi Airport, especially in terms of choices for shopping.

I was so amused I was able to print my own boarding pass via the self service kiosks! Haha.

Rimowa was so much cheaper in Germany, obviously. If only money wasn't a concern and if I really needed new luggage I would have bought Rimowa there.

A very helpful lady at the airport counter taught us how to take the train to Frankfurt. After seeing their train network map, I can now conclude Singapore's train network is easy haha.

We took the sightseeing cruise along the main river. It was a 50-minute cruise.

On the way back to the Airport to catch my flight.

Thai food is very popular in Germany (which I think I already mentioned in an earlier post). It was really good, convenient and cheap. I yearn for the day when Filipino food is famous in western countries...

Awww that's all folks! It's been months since I last saw our Germany pics and looking at the pics again reminds me of how blessed we are. I am sincerely grateful for having the chance to go on this trip with my family. It will truly be memories that I will cherish until all my hair is gray. Travel is something that I truly treasure. As they say, it's the only expense that makes you richer. There won't be any Europe trip this year as my brother may be starting a new job but as long as I'm with family any trip will do :-).

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:-) Safe travels everyone!


batz said...

love your blog, nice photo :-D
after reading your post about paris and see your photo, really want to go to paris hahaha.....
have you been to dubai? :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

Hi! Thanks for reading! :) i havent been to Dubai but id love to one day :)

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