Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burleigh Heads, HarbourTown and Surfer's Paradise

I just came back from spending the weekend in Batam, Indonesia. I'll be posting about Batam in a separate blog so watch out for that in the next 6 months or so hahaha. Anyway, I'm working from home today (luckily) so I have 2 laptops in front of me - one for work and my personal laptop haha. I finally get to blog about our memorable Australia trip last April. Tomorrow is a holiday here so hopefully I can catch up on posts.

We rented a car from Hertz and picked it up at the Airport. Luckily, we got a discount from the NATAS travel fair a few months prior to our trip. Alf also got a Harvey Norman voucher from work so we used that to buy the GPS device for driving directions.

Our first stop straight from the Airport was the picture-perfect Burleigh Heads. In the distance, you could see the towering skyscrapers in Surfer's Paradise.

There was a beach with locals enjoying the sun. I thought it was a bit chilly and was impressed how the locals could swim in the cold water haha.

This was our first meal right in front of Coles at the Renaissance Hotel in Surfer's Paradise. I think we paid 12 or 14 AUD for this meal. Expensive for what looks like a snack. However, there are other food options in Gold Coast that are cheaper. You just have to make "smarter" choices, and of course, don't eat in restaurants all the time.

Coles is the perfect example where you can get cheap yet GOOD food. I LOVE this grocery. In fact, I love groceries in general, as you may have known by now if you follow my blog.

Cadbury Marvellous Creations here in Singapore is at least 2 to 3 times the price so this was a steal.

Haha these are so cute!
Our first batch of supplies :-)

I am telling you the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at Coles are probably one of the best, if not the best, chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted!! So damn good! Chewy like how I want my cookies.

We stayed at the Vibe Hotel again as I really enjoyed my stay here the first time I was in Gold Coast last year. The view from our balcony was really awesome. Did you know that there are more canals in Gold Coast than Venice, Italy?

After settling down, unpacking and a short rest at the hotel we went out again to HarbourTown. It's an outlet-type shopping center which is now one of my favorite shopping malls in all the countries I have been to :-). You can find all sorts of things here from clothes to home furnishings to gadgets, etc. They're like SM, they've got it all for you!

I was ecstatic I was able to buy clothes for myself, my twin brother, my mom and my step dad for around 200 SGD. Love outlet shopping!

This is what I was talking about when I said making "smarter" choices, haha. We ate this mostly for dinner throughout our stay in Gold Coast. Cheap but REALLY good lasagne and meatballs from Coles. We were lucky our room at the Vibe had a microwave, dishes and utensils. We saved a lot by eating at our hotel for dinner.

In fact, for most of my trips - especially the ones in Europe, I/we always do this. Buy local food at the grocery, cook your own meal or prepare a sandwich. To me holidays are more about sightseeing so you don't have to break bank on food.

After dinner, we took a stroll around Cavill Avenue. It was Alf's first time in Gold Coast so we made sure to maximize all the time we had.

Next up are the Carrara Markets, SeaWorld, Marina Mirage, Broadwater Park & SkyPoint! Stay tuned!

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