Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boracay, Manila & Tagaytay

I just finished laundry and while I'm resting to prepare for bed, here I am squeezing in a blog post. This was my first overseas trip for 2013 with Alf back in February of this year. I have been raving about Boracay to Alf and since he hasn't been to the Philippines, what better way to introduce him to the Philippines than to take him to the best island in the country, or in the world for that matter haha.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post so I hope you enjoy them. I tried to edit as much as I can but there are just too many good pictures, in my opinion at least haha.

First stop straight from the airport was to get supplies from my all time favorite S&R at the fort. (I think the fact that I still call the place "The Fort" reveals my age haha. I think people now call it BGC or High Street or something haha)

L-R: Maddie, Johann and Alf

Dinner was awesome at Lorenzo's way in High Street. Affordable but really high quality filipino food. Alf has to have a good impression of Filipino food of course haha.

Dessert was at the place that started the cupcake craze in Manila - Sonja's.

Next day was our flight to Boracay via AirPhil Express which I believe is now called PAL Express.

Alf's first ever tricycle ride, and in Boracay at that! :-)

Welcome drinks at the Hampstead Boutique Hotel. This was a newly-opened boutique hotel in Station 1, right behind the Balabag Church. Quaint and pretty with excellent service.

I will never get tired of Boracay!

Alf playing football (or soccer as some people may call it) with locals and foreign tourists.

We took the ATV to Mt. Luho, the highest peak in Boracay. It was really fun! You must try it!

Breathtaking aerial view of the island

Jonah's shakes are a legend on it's own. A must have when in Boracay. 

I remember having this at the old Greenbelt 1 when I was a kid. Glad to see Dulcinea in Boracay.

Ang GAAN GAAN ng feeling! Hahaha

We had dinner at the overpriced d'Talipapa. Not really "palengke" price if you ask me.

Nice tan huh? Haha

Isn't this violating any law? Haha

Shibaya is a great place to have affordable yet yummy Japanese food. It's very near Real Coffee.

The chicken here was so damn good at just P10 a piece. They are behind the Balabag Church. We had this for snack everytime we went home to the hotel to freshen up before dinner haha.

Finally, I got to try the calamansi muffin at Real Coffee - another Boracay legend that is a must-try.

4 days later, while sporting my awesome tan (haha), was time to get more supplies at Duty Free in Paranaque.

Alf's first time to try fishballs - cleaner version haha.

We had dinner at the People's Palace to catch up with the girls over a sumptuous thai meal.

L-R: Karen, Alf, Myself, Cathy, Keira (Karen's daughter) and Patty

Drinks with more friends at next-door Barcino's.

L-R: Maddie, My Twin Bro Johann, Alf, Myself, Michael, Paul, Cathy, Karen & Patty

We went up to Tagaytay to spend time with my parents. I got to see this newly-built theme park with our own version of Singapore's Flyer and London's Eye. Neat.

L-R: Alf, Q & daughter Elise, Myself, Johann, Uncle Basilio, Bernice (Ruby's daughter) and Ruby
Thanks to my cousins for driving all the way to Tagaytay to visit. My cousins are the best!

It was my first time to go to Sonya's. Nice rustic place. The spanish bread at the Panaderia is legendary haha.

L-R: Michael, Cathy, Karen, Alf, Myself and Paul
Thanks to my dear friends for driving all the way to Tagaytay! I love you guys!

Every trip back to the Philippines is always memorable especially if you get to spend time with friends, family and loved ones! I always look forward to coming home as I don't really get to go home that often - probably twice or thrice a year the most.

Next up - our incredible trip to the Gold Coast and Brisbane! :-)


BoracayStories said...

I share the same opinion with you about that Facebook Resort here in Boracay. Cheers!

Shan Abellaneda said...

@BoracayStores: I know right? Haha

Sherlock said...

Great trip dude.

By the way, I know an article that could help the visitors of your site. The article is all about the things that you can do in Boracay. The site is http://bestboracayadventures.blogspot.com/2014/06/10-things-to-do-in-boracay-ang-pinaka.html

Hope you like it.

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