Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carrara Markets, SeaWorld, Marina Mirage, Broadwater Park & SkyPoint

I was more than excited to visit Carrara Markets as I love open-air street markets. Carrara is very similar to Chatuchak market in Bangkok but smaller. They are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Since the weather was cool, it was much more comfortable to stroll around the market compared to Chatuchak.

If only baggage wasn't a concern, I would have bought a lot of stuff. I especially loved the hard-to-find vintage stuff which you can only find at markets such as this.

They had an outdoor themed mini golf course. This reminded me of Camp John Hay in Baguio, Philippines where a lot of wonderful childhood memories were spent with my cousins.

They had used vintage shoes which looked pretty but I'm not sure I would want to wear them haha.

They had really awesome paintings. If only I wasn't renting in Singapore, I surely would have bought one.

Our next stop was Sea World. I remember having gone to Sea World in San Diego many many years ago when we were still living in the US.

The penguins were so cute! They land on their belly coming up from the water. Reminds me of myself haha!

There a few rollercoasters in SeaWorld but of course not as much as Dreamworld or Movieworld. And yes, I'm glad I was able to ride them :-).

The Jet Rescue rollercoaster was so awesome! It was so fast I felt like I was going to fall off the jetski!

Of course, we brought our own snacks as food there was exorbitantly expensive haha.

We only spent half a day at Sea World as I think it's really more for kids. Right outside SeaWorld was the upscale shopping centre Marina Mirage.

I was daydreaming that I owned a yacht and was having lunch at the Marina Mirage hahaha!

Next up, we passed by Broadwater Tourist Park. Can you believe they have wifi in this park? Amazing. I wish Singapore had the same and I'm sure more people would spend more time at the parks here.

This would be perfect in sunny Singapore. A good way to get your kids out of the house instead of letting them play video games or spending time on the computer.

It so happened there was a car show with these impressive cars. They sure looked neat!

Finally, our last stop was at the SkyPoint observation deck in Q1 to catch the amazing view during sunset.

The view was really spectacular! I've been here before but I couldn't get enough of it. I love the fact that skyscrapers lined the beach. I really feel blessed having been able to witness this view.

Next up is MovieWorld, Hope Island, Wet 'n Wild & Broadbeach. Keep on reading! :-)

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