Sunday, July 31, 2011

Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town, Tampines 1

Today was "me" day. I think we all need some "me" time for ourselves to reconnect with our spirit. Sounds deep but it is true. Of course it's fun to spend time with loved ones but nothing beats spending time with yourself hehe.

Anyway, I had to accomplish a few things. Woke up pretty late and wasn't able to pass by the nearby clinic to replenish my supply of Xenical, so this one I have to do next week. First stop was to get some chocolates for my twin and stepdad Bob. My cousin is going home to Manila over the next few weekends so I thought of buying some stuff for my family since it's also Bob's Birthday this August.

My stepdad Bob is Canadian and he loves peanut butter, likewise for me and my twin Johann hehe. Good thing there's a Hershey's World at the nearby Tampines mall so I got them Reese's.

Look at the cute chocolate stickers that the store gave for free...

Next stop was to get a haircut. I walked around Tampines 1 mall and found this salon called "Twister". I remembered having a haircut here a few years ago but wasn't too happy with the cut but I figured why not give them another chance hehe. And good thing I did as the haircut was quite nice actually. The problem with my hair is that it's so stiff and coarse plus the fact that there's a certain style I prefer that's why I have to go to proper salons. I once went to neighborhood salons to save money but everytime I end up looking like an army recruit after hahaha.

Last stop was to get supplies at the grocery. Before that I decided to have dinner as I always end up buying more than what I need whenever I go to the grocery hungry. I've seen this japanese food market, called "Manpuku", many times before but for some reason I never go to try them so now is the time hehe.

I was pretty surprised actually at how big the food market was and the wide variety of food. I think I spent a good 15 mins deciding what to eat haha.

Beautiful interior...

I'm always amazed at the japanese "fake food", they look so real! I remember seeing on TV how they make these and it was really fascinating...

Since Ramen is such a craze lately (especially in Manila), I decided to eat at Aoba Hokkaido Ramen.

I had the Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen (S$11.50). Very good actually! The soup didn't have any bitter after-taste which Nantsuttei's ramen had. I'm no expert though on ramen so I'm not sure if the bittertaste makes it authentic or what but I prefer this one at Aoba. Plus, the noodles were very springy and chewy, not overcooked and mushy.

On the way to the grocery, I saw this boutique selling build-your-own business shirts from S$59 up. Usually, I can only buy my work shirts from Marks and Spencer or online so I'll definitely try this store next time.

On the way home from the grocery, I passed by this small outdoor carnival. In fairness, there's "perya" in Singapore hehehe. "Perya" is like those small carnivals that provinces in the Philippines would usually have during the Christmas Holidays until summer.

So that was my day! I hope you had a fruitful weekend as well :-).

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