Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Granada, Spain

I just woke up from a long nap as I got home earlier than normal because my appointment finished early - the perks of a sales job hehehe, so back to blogging! Finally, my post about Granada is here - my most favorite city in Spain! :-)

This was the view from our room, can you believe that?! We were so lucky because again, my email requesting for a high-floor view-facing room was granted! and with a smashing view at that! I think this is pretty much the reason why I loved Granada.

I grabbed the above photo from google images and if you notice there is only one level on the circular-side of the hotel which had rooms with balconies. And yes we were so damn lucky to get one! To think we booked from and usually rates would be lower from that website (albeit it was our most expensive hotel in Spain so the view really made it worthwhile).

This is actually my "mental-go-to-place" (if there is such a word haha) when I'm stressed or unhappy and need to think about happy thoughts hehehe. Notice how I was holding on to the rail as I am really afraid of heights, plus the fact the balcony itself was narrow and the railings were low. It looked a bit flimsy as if it were going to give way due to my weight haha.

We took out some Kabab from Kabab King (pic you will see somewhere below) and just sat at the balcony to eat supper while taking in the view.

The lobby was also very elegant and luxurious though we didn't really get to spend time there as we were out most of the time. My only rant about the hotel was they didn't have WIFI. I mean in this day and age i think WIFI should almost be a given. The room was also the tiniest out of all our hotels (not that it mattered as we only stayed a night).

My first glimpse of Zara Home! I never knew actually Zara was into home stuff. I love love lurvve this store and we made sure to find them again in Barcelona.

A day before our actual visit to Alhambra Palace, we walked around the Albayzin area (Moorish quarters where you can find "notorious" gypsies at night) and viewed the palace from San Nicholas viewpoint. Again, MUCH thanks to Rick Steve's Spain book as he had walking trails (complete with map!) in his book. There was no way we could have found the viewpoint without his help as the streets and alleys were very confusing and narrow, in fact we got lost a bit and just got lucky.

No other monument in Spain attracts more visitors than the Alhambra.

Fountains throughout the Alhambra spurt water propelled by gravity and water pressure. Without the aid of electricity, the water flows continuously through a labyrinth of complex underground channels.


Have you found me yet? hehehe. This was at the Alcazaba Fort.

It was almost 9pm and it was still bright. No wonder they have dinner very late.

Lovely Plaza Nueva

BEST EVERRRR KABAB!!! Seriously!!! Even better than the Kabab I had in Turkey :-P 

Yummy Tapas! We had this for dinner but the spanish would usually hop from one place to another and have tapas and drinks here and there before their actual dinner.

One of the reasons why I also love to travel is because I find good quality (and stylish hehe) clothes for my size :-P

We took the overnight train to Valencia for the experience. And it sure was an experience as I couldn't really sleep well, probably because I wasn't used to it. It was fun though! 

I have tons more of photos but of course I couldn't fit all of them here so below is a photo and video collage that I made of Granada. iMovie really does wonders! :-)

Next up, Valencia! :-)


Daniela Dias Ortega said...

Oh thank you for sharing this great experience!!

I just won a scholarship to study in Granada, for 6 months.
I'll be there in february!!

Greetings from Jataí, Goiás, Brazil.

Shan Abellaneda said...

Ur most welcome! :-) oh wow im sure you'll be having a grand time in Granada! All the best! Im jealous :-)

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