Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project Chocolate: Godiva

Wow, I didn't realize the last project chocolate review I did was already 7 months ago! Anyway, when we were at Marina Bay Sands Hotel a few weeks ago I decided to bring back to life this chocolate review and chose Godiva for this post :-).

They didn't allow pictures... the saleslady on the left was rushing to stop me from taking pics, too late though hehehe

First and foremost, Godiva is the most expensive so far - S$24.16 for 100 grams (6 pieces). I think apart from Royce, Godiva is the most commercially well-known chocolate brand on my list - which probably explains why they are the most expensive.

So far, they are the only ones that gave a mini-shopping bag...

Plus a booklet on their chocolate line-up... which was great as I was able to use the description of each chocolate for my blog.

I bought the following:
Tourbillon 85 (1 pc.) - dark chocolate filled with 72% cocoa and dark chocolate paste
Mosaique Macadamia (2 pcs.) - milk chocolate filled with roasted caramelized macadamia nut and a soft praline with shortbread biscuit and ground nougatine (haha wow I'm impressed with the lengthy description)
Serti Pecan (1 pc.) - Pecan nuts and puffed rice enrobed in milk chocolate, decorated with dark chocolate
Truffle Amere (2 pcs.) - Extra dark chocolate butter cream enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in dark chocolate flakes

This was the truffle, quite good... but my favorite was the macadamia! Yummy! It sure lives up to it's uber lengthy description hehehe. The dark chocolate ones weren't as bitter as I would have wanted them but not bad.

I took a snapshot of the stall from another angle then like 2 seconds after the salesday came out again so I quickly ran away hehehe. The clear advantage of Godiva is their wide range of chocolates to choose from and the very beautiful packaging which is perfect to give as gifts. They even have regular chocolate bars (but probably not as decadent and rich as the chocolate pieces?). 

I don't know why but I still prefer Patchi in terms of taste - which is why I was so disappointed to find out they weren't in Takashimaya anymore (but good news as according to their website, they have another branch in Ion which I hope is true). But Godiva sure has an edge in variety, packaging and "luxury".

My rating for Godiva:
Taste - 4/5
Packaging - 5/5
Value for money - 3/5

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carlo said...

parang di ko na rin nakikita yung patchi sa ion.

Shan Abellaneda said...

shucks!!! so sa manila pa tayo bibili ng patchi? hehe

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