Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fitness Blog #11

I'm sure you can't believe your eyes but yes, the fitness aspect of this blog is still alive and striving! hehe. Early last month, Aileen and I went though a blood profile test, just to find out if there's anything wrong with our bodies. I turned 30 last year and I think it's just about time I start checking my internal issues (as in literally), especially that I am overly overweight.

Lo and behold, and much to my surprise, everything was fine! Fine meaning nothing was high enough for me to take any medicine. My sodium, sugar, and uric acid were normal. My good cholesterol levels were higher than normal but because my bad cholesterol was also high that's why overall it was slighty elevated. My blood pressure was also border. The doctor wasn't alarmed though and attributed it to my being overweight. So I asked him if Xenical was ok and if he could give me a prescription. I did take Xenical a few years back and for those of you who have taken it, I think you know how messy it can get (gross), but it does work over a long period of time. In fact, Time magazine hailed "Orlistat (generic name)" as one of the top medical breakthroughs.

Anyway, I'm supposed to take the blood profile again in December to check if my levels are lower and hopefully if I've lost any weight. Therefore, I need to increase my physical activity. I'm so happy to say that for the past 7 weekends, I've managed to jog at least 5kms on the average. Super yeyyy!

Last weekend, I used the gym at MBS and yesterday the gym here in our place - that totals 7 weekends just in case you're counting hehe. Yesterday, I also managed to run 8kms!! I've never done that in my entire fat life! haha. Although, I seriously need to increase the frequency because once a week is definitely not enough for someone like me. But heck, it's still an achievement! I remember last year, the very first time I stepped on the treadmill at Fitness First (after a long time) I could only run for 7 mins straight and I felt like fainting already haha! But now, I can run (ok more like jog) for at least an hour straight! HA! Now who's the man?? hehehe.

Wish me luck! (as always). Health is wealth indeed. I should keep telling that myself more often. Ok, that's that, now on to my food blogs hehehe.

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carlo said...

congrats Shan! Keep it up!!!

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