Sunday, February 22, 2009

Me, Myself & I Weekend

Saturday night I was bored at home so I decided to go to town and walk around. I wanted to get a haircut but the Salon I wanted to try at Plaza Singapura was already closed when I got there at 8pm.

So I just trooped to Da Paolo Gastronomia in Paragon to try out their beef pie or pasta. I haven't had dinner and I sure was hungry haha. Too bad they had no more beef pie so I had the lasagna instead. I sat down at one of the benches along Orchard and ate my lasagna. It was very good, though a bit sour and too beefy tasting. Maybe a little sweet cheese could have done the trick.

Anyway, I just took in the sights and ambiance of Orchard. Sometimes I find it therapeutic to be alone as it makes you ponder and think about your life. Cheesy huh. But seriously, it made me realize how lucky I am. This past week was hell for me at work. Seriously, I have never been so stressed and agitated by work. This "alone time" made me connect with myself again.

I also wanted to get in some exercise so I walked from Plaza Singapura to Far East then dropped by Cold Storage to buy my weekly grocery. Then I walked all the way to City Hall MRT lugging along my grocery bags. By the time I got to the MRT it was 11.30pm and I sure was tired but happy to have squeezed in some exercise.

Today I finally got my haircut at a neighborhood salon. Then for dinner, Aileen and I cooked Spinach Fettucine with cheese beef sausages, cheddar cheese, button mushrooms and green olive pesto. I actually promised to cook a meal for Aileen & Bill since they have been cooking so much lately and I wanted to return the favor from getting free meals haha.

I intially planned to stir in some mint in the pasta but Aileen said it might ruin the taste so we came up with this brilliant idea of making Mint Iced Tea. I never realized what a big difference the mint would make to the iced tea, it was so refreshing!

So that was my weekend. Tomorrow is the start of another work week. Ugh. Next weekend, March 1-3, I'll be going to Tioman Island to Malaysia with Zach. A much needed break that I am so looking forward to. I'm crossing my fingers that Salang Beach in Tioman looks exactly how it looks like in pictures, or even better.

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Johann A. said...

Wow what a coincidence! I also had my haircut today and I also walked around the mall and had dinner alone hehehe...

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