Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marley and Me

Adapted from John Grogan's bestselling book about his Labrador retriever, the movie is about an ambitious young reporter, John Grogan, and his wife, Jenny, also a reporter, who move to a Florida, buy a house and adopt a Labrador puppy they name Marley. Marley quickly becomes a rollicking force of nature in their lives.

I actually read the book before this became a movie and I was really looking forward to see this. I remember when I read the book a year ago, I was so hooked on it I was reading it on the bus or the MRT, on the way and back from work. I clearly rememeber crying my eyes out in bed reading the sad parts in the book, sob sob.

As you all know, I am a true-blue dog lover. We have 4 yellow labrador retrievers at home (if I haven't mentioned it before) and I really miss them a lot. Dogs are really "man's best friend" if you ask me. I mean who else will jump at you and lick you in the morning every waking day?! Not even your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife will do that haha.

Having said that, I'm a bit impartial in reviewing this movie because anything with dogs in it is high up on my list haha. The movie was a bit low-key though, some parts were a bit bland but like I said, if you're a dog lover then you really wouldn't mind. I already knew this movie was going to make me cry a river and that's exactly what happened in the last few parts of the movie.

So if you'd like a feel-good light hearted movie, go ahead and see this. It's also nice to see Jennifer Aniston back on the big screen.

My rating for Marley and Me - 3.5/5

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