Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fitness Blog #5

Someone commented in my blog asking what's happened to the last "F" for "Fitness"? I wanted to bitch slap her and say "Mind your own effing business!". Then I realized I have really taken the "fitness" aspect of this blog for granted. Zach also told me why do I bother paying hundreds of dollars a month for my gym membership when I'm not using it. Darn it, I didn't have an answer to that.

I read this article that Oprah wrote on how & why did she allow herself to gain back 40lbs when she was in tiptop form just 4 years ago. It really comforts me to know that even one of the richest people in the world has the same insistent problem as mine. Weight Problem. I always tell myself, if I were rich I probably wouldn't be fat because I could hire my own chef, have my fat sucked out, have my own personal trainer, etc etc etc. But I guess even Oprah finds it difficult. And like Oprah, I also gained back 40lbs (18.18kg) in the past 3 years.

So staying true to what I wrote in my 2009 resolutions, I will try my darndest best to keep fit this year. After some prodding from my cousin Aileen, I bought a new mountain bike. Just a cheap one but it works. In the past 4 days that I've had it, I've already biked 15kms twice. One time even up and downhill. And I've also gone to the gym twice last week. Ha! Now who's the man?! hehehe.

Singapore has got to be the most biker-friendly country in the world. There are bike-parking terminals in all MRT stations and some towns even promote sharing of sidewalks for pedestrians and bikers. That's besides the fact that road conditions here are perfect with no single pothole in sight. Plus, there are mountain biking trails and park connectors everywhere. I love it!

So biking is our new hobby! Aileen & Bill's wedding is coming up real soon, in 5 months actually, and that's another good reason for all of us to look our best. So please allow me some headstart before I start documenting my weight and pictures again, hehe. God I hope it works out this time. Please pray for me! :P


Anonymous said...

You dont have to be a superstar to persue your fitness best. It all mind over body... You are just making an excuse.

Shan Abellaneda said...

hi anonymous!
my exact words - "if i were rich, i probably wouldn't be fat.." which means "might" or "maybe". i didn't say for certain. plus, i don't think i was dissing oprah for being famous yet fat. but thanks for the comment. im glad to know people are reading my blog. though a real profile than an anonymous one is much better. like what russell peters said "be a man!" haha.

Shan Abellaneda said...

by the way its PURSUE. not persue

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