Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mystical Cambodia

In May last year, a month after our UAE trip, we went to Cambodia with my flatmates. Above is myself enjoying the welcome drink at the Raffles Hotel in Phnom Penh hehe. We can never afford to stay at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore so since it was super affordable there, off we went.

It follows the same theme as the Raffles Hotel here in Singapore. Colonial, classy and luxurious.

The rooms were very very nice. I wish we stayed longer but we were also going to Siem Reap so we only stayed here for a night.

We went to the night market after an afternoon of swimming. It was interesting to see a local night market.

Everyone just ate on the floor mats at the food hall area. It was like a picnic and a unique experience.

We also went to the Naga World Casino which was huge. No luck there as we didn't win haha.

The breakfast at the hotel the next morning was really good. Perfect to stuff yourself silly to store energy for the day haha.

We took the coach to Siem Reap which we probably won't do ever again. It was a real waste of time as it took 7-8 hours per way. Consider taking a flight instead.

I remember on the way back to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap, I had a really bad tummy ache due to some food or liquid I took. I asked Alf to tell the bus driver to stop because if I stood up my shit would come out hahaha. It was that bad. Luckily they were really scheduled to stop soon but I remember it was the longest 15-20 minute wait in my whole damn life. Why is holding your shit the worst feeling ever??! Hahaha. I remember I was really praying and hoping to keep it in haha. Luckily the bathroom at the stop was also clean. It's funny to think about it now but I don't ever wish for it to happen again haha.

We booked the Cheathata Angkor Hotel which was perfect as they had 3 beds and it was walking distance to the night markets. They can also pack breakfast for you if you are going to the temples very early the next day.

I enjoyed the night markets. Really cheap stuff and good variety. I bought a small painting here to take back and to pair with the small painting that I already have from Bali. :-)

The next day, we made it just in the nick of time to see the sunrise at the famous Angkor Wat temple. You MUST wake up early and make sure not to miss the sunrise.

The Bayon temple is my favorite with the 216 gigantic faces on the temple's towers. You can even climb up to some point to have a closer look at the faces. Very very interesting and one-of-a-kind experience.

This was at the Ta Prohm where Angeline Jolie filmed the Tomb Raider. I would say Ta Prohm, Bayon and Angko Wat are the 3 most visited temples in Siem Reap.


By the 5th temple, we were "templed out". Hahaha. So at times, we just sat at the tuk-tuk and took photos from there hehehe.

At night, we watched a cultural show at the Bayon Restaurant. You can give this a miss actually. No good. The buffet was also so-so.

A lot of night markets at Siem Reap

On our 2nd to last day in Cambodia, we were back in Phnom Penh and stayed at this really nice hotel called Rambutan Resort. I noticed there are actually a lot of cheap but nice hotels in Phnom Penh, There is a lot of construction everywhere which is a sign of their improving economy.

We wanted to go to the Genocide museum but didn't make it in time as we arrived very late in the afternoon. Bummer. At least I have a reason to go back to Cambodia.

So that's Cambodia for you! I can't believe I forgot to include a photo here of the "Happy Pizza" that we ate in Phnom Penh. If my family is reading this please close the browser, hehehe. Happy pizza is actually pizza topped with Marijuana. It was a fun and memorable experience as I remember Alf & I were on a laughing fit for hours. I remember 2 hours into eating the pizza, I was thinking what a lousy pizza. No effect at all and I felt cheated. Then BOOM, that's when it hit us hehehe. Best is we had a foot massage so you can just imagine how much we were laughing. Anyway, I am no way an addict so please don't judge me haha. Life is short! YOLO!! hehehe.

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