Thursday, December 12, 2013

MovieWorld, Hope Island, Wet n Wild & Broadbeach

I can't believe its already December! The year whizzed by just like that. Now I really have to catch up on my backlog haha. 2014 will be another year of travel and new discoveries and I'm really excited! But before that, here is more of our Australia trip in early 2013.

MovieWorld was one of my favorites in Gold Coast. In fact, I liked it the most compared to DreamWorld and SeaWorld. I guess mainly because of the attractions and the design of the theme park.

This boardwalk looks very similar to Universal Studios in Singapore.

There was an amazing car stunt show. Look at how the cars are moving on their side!

The Scooby-Doo ride was a surprise as I thought it was a kiddie ride. It turned out to be a mini-rollercoaster in the dark!

The kid on the right was literally kissing the floor! Haha. I wonder where the parents are...

We are not really cheapskates but rather budget travellers haha. Sandwich for lunch while people-watching.

Yes I know, I seriously bought a raincoat as I didn't want to get soaking wet haha. And look at the photobombers! If you guys are reading this, add me on facebook! hahaha.

This ride (on the left) was damn scary. Look at how tall it is! I swear I left my innards up in the air.

The Superman Escape ride is hands down the best, scariest and fastest rollercoaster I have ever ridden in my entire life! So Awesome!

Green Lantern was also not bad. Slow roller coaster but there was a point you were literally hanging from your seat upside down for a good few seconds.

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) haha. This was the next day before heading out to another adventure.

First stop was Hope Island. It's basically a high-end residential/commercial area pretty much like Sentosa Cove here in Singapore.

Look at those modern houses by the lake. I wonder how many millions those cost.

YEY! Time to get wild at Wet N Wild! hehe.

I was amused actually that they had theme park rides in a water park. This one was not bad.

Of course, we packed snacks and lunch again. There are a lot of picnic tables for free where you can get a bite.

I didn't try this ride as there was a weight limit haha. It was very steep and looked pretty scary.

Last stop for the day was at Broadbeach where they had a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Of course, we couldn't end the day without getting supplies at the grocery haha. I miss Woolworth's!

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