Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brisbane, Queen Street Mall & Night Market at Surfer's Paradise

Thankfully we rented a car so we were able to drive to Brisbane, around an hour or so from Surfer's Paradise. Alf got a GPS system which really helped us a lot in navigating our way.

Brisbane!! :-)

Mrs. Fields had a marketing blitz called the "National Cookie Weekend" and was handing out free cookies! Yey!

Found these Jamie Oliver kitchen stuff at Target and felt sorry I couldn't get any due to baggage limitations.

You could rent a bike and ride your way around Brisbane. Brilliant idea. They should do this here in Singapore given that the roads are safe and easy to navigate.

There was a restaurant called Singapore but I didn't miss Singaporean food just yet haha.

Queen Street Mall is basically their main shopping street. You can easily spend a day here if you love shopping. I love shopping too but only outlet shopping hahaha.

Brisbane has its own iconic ferris wheel called the Wheel of Brisbane. This ferris wheel thing has really caught on around the world. I don't know though if tourists really go on it because the version here in Singapore called Singapore Flyer is under receivership (i.e. bankcrupt) but it is still open.

Playing around with the Olympus Pen EP3 filters again. Really love the camera!

We had lunch at this place called Abra Wraps at the Myer Centre food court. A middle-eastern themed takeway stall that sold wraps and yummy nachos.

They take pride in their healthier version of Nachos as the chips were baked, not fried. I LOVED it! I doubt though that it's healthier with all that cheese haha.

Our jaw literally dropped when we saw how much we had to pay for parking given that we were only there for less than 4 hours. Daylight robbery!!! Athough my friends who live in Brisbane said that parking there is really atrocious, to be avoided at all costs. Oh well, lesson learned, to think they had a signage outside the parking entrance that says "cheaper parking".

Heavy traffic on the way back to Surfer's Paradise.

We were back at the night market the second time. Watch out for this when you're in Gold Coast.

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