Friday, November 2, 2012

Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

This month has been so hectic it just whizzed by so quickly. Anyway, I'm so piled up with backlog on blog posts haha. Before my posts on our Germany trip, let me get some hotel posts out of the way.

I spent my birthday weekend at Movenpick Heritage Hotel in Sentosa a few weeks ago - thanks to my friend Alf :). It was still under construction but it didn't really bother us. Not once did I hear any noise regarding the construction.

The hotel itself isn't really a huge property so the lobby wasn't that big but it was tastefully decorated. Plus, we were overwhelmed by the staff who welcomed us at the lobby upon walking in, we almost felt like celebrities haha. The staff even walked us all the way to the room to orient us and offered to carry our bags. You don't really get that kind of hospitality anymore nowadays. I hope they keep it up even when the hotel is fully renovated and operating.

Most hotels would offer drinks (if any) to welcome you but Movenpick offered their own brand of ice cream, not surprisingly. Beat that! haha.

Now my parents stayed at this same hotel a few years back before it was re-branded to Movenpick. I specifically remember the rooms being tiny so I wasn't expecting a lot. 

To my surprise, the rooms were quite big, not small at all. I guess they really invested in the renovation.

No less than TWG tea plus your own coffee maker! I was really impressed! :)

The toiletries inside the dimsum bamboo steamers were really cute! What an innovative yet affordable way to incorporate asian decor in the room. Plus the toiletries were "branded".

The bathroom was huge - and I mean it! Separate stalls for the shower and toilet and a standalone bathtub that could fit 2 people! 

Alf and I
The happiest birthday boy :)

Our only regret was we didn't have time to try out the pool as we were only there for one night. It sure looked inviting. Hopefully there's a next time.

My friend paid for the hotel so of course anything free is worth it! haha. Kidding aside, the hotel rates are not exactly that cheap but not as expensive as Marina Bay Sands Singapore - so I would say it was still value for money. Sentosa and Resorts World are literally a stone's throw away which makes it perfect for tourists. I couldn't say anything negative about the interior and facilities of the room and hotel plus the staff was helpful and friendly. In fact, I left my iPhone charger and collected it the following week. Luckily, the staff set it aside. Overall, I would recommend this hotel and if budget permits I would surely spend my next staycation in the property.

Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
23 Beach View Sentosa Singapore 098679

+65 6818 3388


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