Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lufthansa's A380 to and fro Frankfurt

It's been a week and a half since I got back from Germany. It was an amazing trip. Germans are the friendliest people I've met so far. Before I go into the full details of our trip, let me get this out of the way since I have an over eager friend who's waiting for my A380 pics :-P. I was thinking of adding watermarks to my pictures but since I'm lazy, I trust that my friend will add a link back to this blogpost lest he wants to be sued for plagiarism haha.

On the way to Germany, I was lucky once again. The middle seat beside me was vacant which meant more space. Yey!

My first impression of the A380 was "how spacious!", not surprisingly. Unlike what my friend said that only newer planes have retractable overhead bins, this wasn't true for the A380 - probably because they don't need it with all the available ceiling space.

Vanity shot haha

I love airplane food! I'm sure I've said it many times in this blog. If someone sold frozen airplane food in the groceries, I would most likely buy them regularly haha. Why not? they're compact, convenient and one way to control your caloric intake, haha :-). Seriously, that may be a good business idea.... :-P

Breakfast before landing... I couldn't identify what that egg-y, potatoe-y yellowish goo was...

The Olympus Pen EP3 rocks! :-)

It was a pretty uneventful flight. Noticeably different on the A380 was how the take-off was very smooth, for me at least. Normally with other planes, I feel pinned against my seat during take-off. I guess the sheer power of the engines explains it. Landing however was a bit "hard" - which I suppose is simply because of the humongous size of the plane? Or maybe the pilot wasn't used to landing an A380 (yet)?

This was on the way back to Singapore... the plane is so huge they had to split the people entering the plane...

Now I was too lazy to walk around the plane on the way to Germany so on the way back to Singapore, I made sure to take more photos... I wasn't sure if I would get the chance to peek at business or first class so the pictures below are from the entertainment system monitor, haha...

What a luxury to lie flat on the plane...

Flyrobic = Airplane Aerobics

I didn't notice the adjustable headrest until my flight back to Singapore. Not a bad idea, especially for taller people.

Some snacks before dinner... I noticed they didn't serve the snack on the way to Germany, only the drinks...

After dinner, I wanted to stretch and walk around. I purposely chose a rear-end seat so I could wander to the stairs going up to the upper deck. Now I specifically remember being able to choose an economy seat on the upper deck during my online booking (I just didn't because there were no more aisle seats)...

Turns out though that all the seats on the upper deck are business class. AND there was a barrier (not seen in picture above) at the top of the stairs which prevented me from entering the section. Thanks to my camera's zoom feature I managed this only shot, haha.

Adjusting the water temperature in the lavatory's wash basin was something new that I've never seen on other planes. Not bad...

Vanity shot part two, hahaha... I couldn't effing sleep on the way back to SG. I probably had 1 or 2 hours of very shallow sleep despite taking melatonin. The only good thing about it was that I didn't get bothered with jet lag when I got home.

Last meal on the plane. I was starving by the time they served breakfast. This was more like lunch though... I noticed that they use plastic utensils for breakfast but silverware for dinner. It would have been top notch if they made it consistent.

My first experience on Lufthansa and on the A380 at that, was not bad at all. They also served hot towels before dinner - a "luxury" that not a lot of airlines do anymore. Or probably I've been flying on too many budget airlines haha. The air crew were very friendly aside from one or two ladies who were probably "sick and tired" of offering "coffee, tea or me", haha :-P.

Watch out for my travel posts on Germany, PLUS our day trip to Paris! :-)))

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