Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Elusive iPhone 4S...

I finally met Siri! haha. But only after falling in line for an entire day - to be exact, 12.5 hrs!

Honestly, I'm not a sucker for techy gadgets. But the thing is my 8gb iPhone 3G is so damn slow and is starting to hang. Plus, my $100 voucher for mobile recontract plan is expiring on 31st Oct. So since my office is right beside Starhub in Vivo City (luckily thank god), I decided to troop down yesterday around 10:30am to check it out. 

And the line above is what I saw - quite expectedly. It was quite fast though, around 20 mins to secure your coupon for an iPhone (I chose black, 16gb) and your queue number. What took super long was to wait for your queue number to be called.

 I was number 1204. There were like 200 people ahead of me. Luckily, I could go back to the office and check thru sms on the queue status. Can you imagine those people who went there to wait, wow I admire their patience! However, the mobile checking for the queue status conked out after lunch, I guess from the sheer volume of messages they received.

I checked back around 4:30pm and there were still 80 people ahead of me. Since it was our Dinner and Dance that same night, I decided to attend our D&D first and come back later, given the rate the line was moving.

Our D&D was halloween-themed and I came as Stoned Angry Pig hahaha. I ordered the head gear through and the stoned birds shirt I got from Amsterdam. Perfect outfit for me right? hahaha (thanks for the pic Joyce!). It was a fun fun night actually. The last time I ever dressed up for halloween was when we lived in the US way back in 1984-1986 and I never got the chance to wear a costume as a teenager or adult in the Philippines. So to be able to dress silly and enjoy a work-free worry-free night with colleagues was so cool! :-)

I had to leave the party though around 9:15pm to go back to Vivo City. I actually already missed my number (by a few) when I got back but the staff were very nice to accommodate me. I still had to fall in line for 1.5hrs to pay at the Cashier.

(oops there was a crumb from the cookie I ate hehehe)

So today I'm playing around with Siri. Honestly, Siri isn't all that. Haha. You have to speak clear AMERICAN english for her to understand what the hell you're saying. I acted silly and told Siri "Siri, I'm horny" and she said "is that so??" HAHAHAHA hilarious!

But I love the camera and HD recorder. It's way clearer than my now-old iPhone 3G. So that was my iPhone 4S experience! :-) Now I have to wait another 2 years to get a new phone...


Aikko said...

Hahahaha!!! Shan! Your second to the last paragraph is sooo funny! :)

Shan Abellaneda said...

hehehe!! Siri has a personality :)

By the way, your angry birds cupcakes/cakes are amazing!!! I'm sure you'll get a lot of order this Xmas :) By the way, I'll be home this Xmas and was wondering how I can place orders with you?

Aikko said...

Hi Shan!
So how is Siri so far? :)
You can send me a mail and I can send you the pricelist :) -

Shan Abellaneda said...

sigh unfortunately i lost my phone :-( sob sob... dropped it in the cab i think... thanks il drop you an email :-)

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