Friday, October 14, 2011

In Transit... @ the Kuala Lumpur International Airport


I'm here at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and loving it!!! :-)
It's my first time here and boy am I impressed! I usually take budget airlines to Malaysia that's why I've never seen this terminal. Wide array of designer brands, shops and food choices within a modern brightly-lit facade. The check-in lady at SG Changi Airport was a bit disappointing though. The thing is I booked my seats online (and paid for it) yet she gave me the wrong seats. No apology (or a smile at least) whatsoever when I pointed it out to her. Plus, the flight is now delayed 30 mins... Oh well, it's ok no big deal...

I also thought I was taking Malaysia Airlines all the way but it turns out they have code sharing with KLM. No worries, whatever gets me to the land of space cakes works hehehe.

More updates from Amsterdam in about 12-13 hours... :-) Arrghh hate long flights...

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