Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Amsterdam...

Less than 2 months to go 'til our epic Amsterdam trip! (haha I'm just assuming it's going to be epic). Tomorrow is my interview/application at the Netherlands Embassy and I've double/triple checked that all my documents are complete. I hope everything goes as planned as my parents and twin brother already got their schengen visa just recently. This trip is even more special as my cousin and her parents are tagging along!! It would have been better if the rest of my cousins could come but most of them are busy with their growing families and kids.

I've started to do my research on what to do and where to go and being the "touristy tourist" that I am, I've listed below the places that I MUST go to (haha I know I'm so uncultured, Van Gogh Museum is not even in my list :P):

Nothing and no one can stop me from going to Efteling even if I don't fit in the seats again haha. 

I'f I'm not mistaken, Walibi World used to be "Six Flags" so they must have awesome death-defying rollercoasters. Although, based on what I've read, I think Walibi is a little run-down compared to the newer Efteling theme park.

The last time I've been to a wax museum was when I was still small (literally and figuratively haha), like 6 years old I think when we first went to the US. And who doesn't want to see Justin Bieber???!!! hahaha.

I've never heard of this attraction and I just found out about it when I was checking out the tickets for Madame Tussaud's - they had like a combination ticket for the dungeon + madame tussaud's + canal cruise. Seems like a really fun attraction though! According to their website, the Amsterdam Dungeon brings to life 500 years of dark history in 11 shows with 7 actors in 1 terrifying experience!

5. Some shopping strip near Vondelpark

I was looking at google maps and found this shopping strip near our B&B which had all the namebrands haha (click on the picture to enlarge). I don't really buy designer stuff but I just want to look around and be "kaypoh" (act busybody) hehe.

We will be staying at this lovely Bed & Breakfast called "The Vondelpark Suites" (and not at Hotel Hoksbergen as I previously mentioned in this post). I noticed most of the places available in Amsterdam are bed and breakfasts as opposed to full-fledged hotels (or maybe because that's only what we can afford hehe).

I also previously mentioned in this post that we will be going to Frankfurt but actually it's Dusseldorf in Germany, which I think is nearer (around 2hrs by train). My mom and Bob are actually the tourist guides and they've already planned out our itinerary for the 8-days we are staying there.

Again, thanks to Mom and my stepdad Bob! Can hardly wait!!! :-)

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