Sunday, February 13, 2011

Honeymoon Dessert, Vivo City

After watching a movie yesterday, we were intrigued with this newly-opened (or is it?) dessert place called "Honeymoon Dessert" as people were queueing to get in.

I wanted to have the red or green bean hot soup but it was unavailable already. Hmm not quite the impression a new place would want to leave to eager patrons but I can give them the benefit of the doubt as the place seems new - they may have underestimated the influx of customers.

I had the mango with black glutinous rice instead - S$4.50. It was just ok, nothing really special. Or maybe I was still full from the snack we had earlier in the afternoon as I wasn't able to finish it. I still prefer the thai version of mango with sticky rice.

I googled and found out they've been open since the early half of last year. FAIL.

Honeymoon Dessert
#01-93, Vivo City
Tel: 6376-8027
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

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