Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dried Cranberry & Blueberry Scones

It was a Friday night and it was nearing the end of my 1-week break so I decided to do something productive. Enhancing my baking skills is definitely on top of the list so I decided to bake Dried Cranberry & Blueberry Scones!

I'm really very thankful I managed to bring to Singapore some of the baking cookbooks from my modest collection. This cookbook "New Baking Book" from Better Homes and Gardens was a gift I got from one of our annual christmas gift exchanges with my cousins, a few years back.

I remember baking scones several years ago but I can't remember which recipe I used and how I baked it so I was glad to find an assortment of scone recipes in the book. I do remember though that it was quick and swift.

Please see entire recipe and baking instructions in the picture above. You might want to save the picture and zoom on it for better reading.

I guess baking scones is artisan in a way because it involves kneading and no use of electric mixers. I did modify the recipe a bit to add more fruit and replaced the cherries, as I'm really not a fan of cherries that much. I also replaced half of the all-purpose flour with cake flour just because I felt it would make the scone more moist and cakey instead of dry and crumbly. Also, I added a tad bit more butter and replaced the sour cream with lite sour cream (haha who am I kidding). Lastly, I had to add more AP flour (maybe a cup more) during kneading as the dough was quite wet, maybe because of the added fruit and butter.

Taadddaahhh!!! Dried Cranberry & Blueberry scones!! Don't they look perfect??! hahaha. Oh and I brushed the top with beaten egg for shine and colour. You can add clotted cream as a siding or orange glaze for topping. Plus, you can use a cookie cutter to make them look more like scones. Zach said they were very good so that makes me a happy baker hehe.

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