Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Royals Cafe, Upper East Coast Road (Siglap)

I first discovered "Royals" and their wonderful pies at the Tampines Mall basement, where they have a stall. Eversince, I have been a silent fan hehehe. Zach found out through his sister that they actually have a full coffee shop in Siglap so of course we had to go.

We went on a fine saturday afternoon to have late lunch and I must say, I so love the Siglap area. It has a different homey vibe, the streets being lined with shops, cafes, restos and what have you. Plus the houses are just beautifully breathtaking. It really lives up to the name of the street - Upper East Coast, for those in the "Upper" socio-economic bracket, gets?? hehe. Darn, when can I ever afford to live in such a pricey area...

Anyway, the cafe itself was also very inviting. Who can resist their wonderful display of cakes and pies.

Despite the cafe being in a pricey area, their prices were ironically very affordable. Most of the cakes were less than S$2. The portions were of course a bit smaller but isn't that better for both your pocket and your health? :) Plus, you get to buy more hehehe.

There are very few places where you can buy Shepherd's Pie here in Singapore (or at least based on my experience) so I had to sample this from their menu.

Can you believe all of the above was for less than S$5?? S$4.90 to be exact. Now I think that is definitely value for money. The shepherds pie was also quite good. a little bit more beef would have made it even better.

Zach ordered the Mee Siam, being the patriotic die-hard fan he is of Malay food :) Thank God he ordered this because this has got to be the best, and I mean the BEST, Mee Siam I have ever tasted across Singapore!! It wasn't too spicy and the soup was very tasty and not too oily.

Some Iced Mocha (I think) to go with the desserts.

Finally, dessert! We had carrot cake, dark chocolate truffle, apple crumble and chicken pie. My favorite was the dark choc truffle, a perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

We really enjoyed our meal and I will definitely come back for the Mee Siam (and the cakes :P) in the very very very near future hehehe. The staff were friendly and service was quick. Most importantly, the food was superb.

Here is my rating for Royals:
Ambiance - 5.0
Service - 5.0
Food - 5.0
Presentation - 4.5
Value for Money - 5.0
OVERALL - 4.9 (!!!)

19 Upper East Coast Road,
Crescendo Building
Telephone: (65) 6445-6457


Liza said...

I live in Siglap area and I often see this cafe everytime I go cycling.

Thanks for the heads up. Might give it a try one of these days.

Shan Abellaneda said...

Hi Liza! Go and try it! they have the best pies and cakes :)

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