Friday, May 22, 2009

Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies

I don't have work today (Friday) because our office is closed due to our relocation (We are moving to Bukit Batok and I live in Tampines, ugh stress!). To put my long weekend to good use, I decided to put my rusty baking skills to the test by baking some fudge brownies - ready mix brownies though :P.

Ok, I will let you in on a secret - the brownies were supposed to be "best before October 11, 2008", Har Har Har. But it didn't say "consume before" or "expiration by" which means it's all good :) But seriously, I did see this show on Discovery where they experimented with "expired" goods and they found out dry goods are the least likely to expire even years after the "expiration date".

I modified the ingredients a bit by adding canola oil instead of regular vegetable oil then I added bit of butter to make it taste better. I also threw in a few drops of vanilla for another layer of flavour.

Tadaaa!!! Here are my "expired" brownies!!! hehehe. Doesn't it look exactly like the one on the packaging? Yes? Yes! :)

By the way, it tasted great! I love homemade fudge brownies. And it didnt taste funny at all or gave me any stomach problems hehe.

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