Sunday, May 31, 2009

Salmon Pesto Spaghetti

So one Friday night I just decided to cook something special. For some reason, my yearning to cook has been stirred lately (stirred, isn't that the perfect word haha). Zach wanted salmon pasta using whole wheat fettucine but I couldn't find whole wheat fettucine so I opted for wholemeal spaghetti. All these healthy terms are confusing me, whats the diff between wholemeal and wholewheat anyway?!

I remember cooking with wholemeal/wheat pasta before and I remember how tough it was when I tried to cook it 'normally'. So now I decided to boil it a little longer than usual to make it more 'al dente' and not bordering on raw.

It was very simple actually, I just threw in the olive oil, onions, garlic, olives, capers, pesto sauce, salmon and the lemon (also in that same order). Saute, saute and saute some more then season with pepper, salt and italian seasoning.

Finally, toss in the noodles, mix mix mix then top it off with parmesan cheese. Voila!! Salmon Pesto Spaghetti!

It was quite good I must say (of course, haha). Though the noodles were still a bit tough or maybe I'm just not used to it. Bon Appetit!

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